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How can the VISCO JET agitator solve your mixing problems?

The unique design of the VISCO JET agitator heads make it is possible to mix and homogenise almost any viscosity of liquid and with low rotational speeds. There are three basic styles of mixing head:

The Open-Ended Cone is for use in liquids with viscosities from 1 to 40,000 MegaPascals (mPas), from aqueous solutions up to thick emulsion paints. This has a very low Shear effect.

The Open Spiral Wound Cone is for use with higher viscosity applications from 40,000 to 100,000mPas, such as glues and resins or builder’s wall plaster. This has a similar low Shear effect.

The VISCO JET Crack is for use with products with viscosities from 100,000 to 500,000mPas, with a really high shear effect, or where you want to mix in agglomerates and powders and achieve dispersion without air intake or frothing.

Visco Jet Mixer Head Flow Pattern
Visco Jet Mixer Tank Circulation
All our mixing heads are made from Stainless Steel 316Ti or from injection moulded plastics, giving easily cleaned and sterile capability and reducing the risk of reaction to the product.

The variety of mixing heads we produce, the use of frequency controlled motors, (with or without gearboxes), and the utilisation of Programmable CPUs gives you a genuine degree of flexibility in your mixing process.

One thing which is immediately apparent when you watch the VISCO JET mixing process, with any of these mixing heads, is the much smaller vortex around the drive shaft. That is the first indication of low air intake. Because the mixing heads work at low rotation speed, and hence tip speed, they have the unique property of being able to remove air from the mixing process. This is ideal where frothing is a problem.

The open structure of the mixing heads makes cleaning a simple process, either using CIP or manual methods. Because we use slower rotational speeds, we do not need high torque to attach the mixing heads onto the drive shafts. This makes removal and change quick and easy.

One major benefit of using VISCO JET mixers is reduced cost. Because of the reduced time needed to achieve a homogenous mix and the reduced power requirement resulting from slower rotational speed, we have seen savings of up to 65% from conventional mixing systems.

Individual applications can be tailored to your needs. From a simple table-top Laboratory mixer to a fully encased Stainless Steel wall-mounted unit with remote programmable controls, whether it is an explosive ATEX controlled Zone or not, we have the product to solve your Mixing and Dispersion problems. If you have a fixed location, or not, VISCO JET can provide moveable mixers, or fit mixers to your moveable tanks and ISO Vessels. So from 500cl to 30,000litres if it needs mixing VISCO JET has the solution.

Open Ended Cones

The open ended cones work by creating a venturii effect, accelerating the product through the cone. They produce pressure waves in front of, above and below the plane of rotation, creating strong circulating currents above and below the mixing head. These pressure waves result in the product in contact with the leading edge of the cup being almost static. This minimises the effects of shear forces, making this system perfect for homogenising base products and mixing ingredients in the Pharmaceutical and Food processing industries, such as; Liquid medicines, Ointments, Soups, Dairy products, Fruit Juices, Jams and Preserves, Beverages and Confectionery makers. It is also suitable for thinner types of paints and varnishes.

Open Ended Cone Mixer Head
Open Spiral Wound Cone

For thicker viscosity products we advise use of the spiral wound cones. They are perfect for use in the dispersion of pigments either as liquid or powder into higher viscosity products such as printing inks, surface coating products, sealing compounds, cement colourants, wall plasters, glues and adhesives and some of the Chocolate, Fudge and Nougat type foods.

Open Spiral Wound Cone Mixer Head

For the really difficult products we have developed the Patented VISCO JET Crack head. This will break down agglomerates and mix pigments and dyes into the stiffest of liquid bases. Whether your base product is highly thixotropic or not, this head will work to produce the right mix for you..

Visco JET Crack Mixer Head

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