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Used IBC Containers

We have access to a number of good quality second hand IBC containers made out of stainless steel.
Unlike other retailers of second hand IBC containers, we will ensure they are fully cleaned internally and externally, repaired and serviced to bring them back to fully usable condition. Where permissible, they may be re-certified for the Carriage of Dangerous Goods.

Specifications may vary from time to time, dependent upon market availability. Alterations may be possible to suit your own requirements.

These used IBC Containers are normally available within a couple of weeks.

a second hand IBC Container
An example used IBC Container


Please note that fixtures and fittings of second hand IBC containers may depend upon what was fitted when originally supplied.

Specifications may change slightly dependent upon the manufacturer.

  • Length – 1215 mm
  • Width – 1015 mm
  • Height 1350-1850 mm
  • Man lid – DN400 mm
  • Pressure relief valve – +0.45 bar
  • Vacuum relief – 0.02 bar
  • Outlet – 2.55″ ball valve
  • Gaskets EPDM
  • Tare weight 220 – 275 kg
  • Stacking 3 high when empty and 2 high when filled
  • Material of manufacture 304 stainless steel
A used IBC Container on it's side
A good quality second hand IBC Container.
close up for a second hand IBC Container
Another example of a second hand IBC Container.
A used IBC Container on it's side

A batch of second hand 800ltr cubes

A used IBC Container on it's side

A second hand 500ltr with clamp ring lid