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The unique design of the VISCO JET agitator heads make it is possible to mix and homogenise almost any viscosity of liquid and with low rotational speeds. There are three basic styles of mixing head.


Tote tank (IBC) agitator directly mounted:

  • Special VISCO JET® “Expander” impeller with a stirring diameter 300mm for stirring low-viscosity products
  • Drive with 0.37 kW
  • Also available with ATEX certification ex-logo
  • Also available as food compliant version
  • Optional sealing technology: sealing ring or mechanical seal


Tote tank (IBC) agitator mounted with brackets:

  • For use with IBC Tote Containers openings of 150mm
  • Special VISCO JET® “Tornado” stirrer with stirring diameter 650mm
  • Available with an aluminum traverse or with a stainless steel traverse with forklift truck brackets
  • Drives with 1,1 / 1,5 / 2,2 / 3,0 kW available with 230V or 380V
  • Also available with ATEX certification with 1.85 kW drive ex-logo
  • Incl. Speed ​​control for all high quality mixing tasks
  • Different VISCO JET® impellers for low, medium and high viscosity media
  • Individually adaptable to your needs
  • Also available as a food-compliant version
  • Optional programming and reading device


Agitator for stainless steel containers, mounted to cap:

  • For stainless steel containers with lids
  • Agitator firmly fixed to tank lid
  • Available with ATEX certification ex-logo
  • Different VISCO JET ® impellers for low, medium and high viscosity media
  • Different drives available
  • Individually tailored to your needs
  • Optional lifting bracket for easy disassembly
Visco Jet vj300 & vjc50 mixers
Visco Jet VJ520 IBC Mixer
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Visco JET VJ350 Container Mixer installed
Visco JET VJ520 Container Mixer installed
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