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IColumn Mixers

Visco Jet Column Mixers

A Visco Jet series of mixers on floor, wall or ceiling mounted columns allowing individual containers to be brought to them. A pallet wheeled version is available to suit standard Plastic or Stainless steel IBCs, giving you the option to move the mixer from vessel to vessel or change your “fixed” mixing location.

The size of mixer is matched to the size of containers and the torque load expected on the impeller system. The operating sequence is controlled by sensors governing Safety-guard closure, where appropriate, container presence and mixer position. All interlocks have to be correctly signalled before the impeller is able to run. Systems have been made to suit containers from 5 litres to 1000 litres, but there is little to limit the size required. Small containers and round containers require clamping devices to prevent vessel rotation.

All our mixers can be provided with control systems from simple start/stop switching to governing start up load, speed and dwell times, mixer vertical positioning and cycle repetition.

Visco Jet VJ460 Column Mixer
Visco Jet VJ420 Column Mixer
Vertical lift is achieved by balance weights on pulley systems working on ground plates running on linear bearings with positional stops to allow for maximum and minimum height settings.

Columns can be made with full Stainless steel cladding for Food and Pharmaceutical room operation, which enclose all the lifting mechanisms and electrical wiring. Special sealing lids can be made for open-topped vessels and drip trays can also be supplied to swing underneath the impeller between mixing operations.

Full ATEX Zone I safety provision is available as an option.

With quick change shafts and impellers providing easy removal and cleaning these systems provide an excellent opportunity to automate production lines, further enhancing the cost saving benefits that use of Visco Jet mixers provide.

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